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Art Photo Exhibition
to support and honor the charitable work of
Father Yves MOAL


In TEPC, we believe in sharing and mutual caring. We think that photography is part of a larger social interaction and that we must be engaged in our community. So the photographers at TEPC have joined forces in this new exhibition in support of Father Moal, who has dedicated his life to the service of the people in Yuli over many years. All donations received by Father Moal will be used to support the work of his organization in Yuli.


Exhibition @ JAZZ IMAGE GALLERY 爵士影像藝廊

展覽時間 - Open Hours

展覽日期:5/11-5/23 2019

(星期六)下午 3點

上午10:00 到 下午7:00



A Photo Exhibition
May 11th to May 23rd, 2019

Grand Opening
Saturday, May 11th 2019
at 3:00pm

Hours: Monday to Friday
10:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday/Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Including these special events

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TEPC Our Island Photo Competition 2019: Prize List

TEPC is pleased to announce the finalists of the OUR ISLAND Photo Competition 2019. These decisions regarding the competition are now finalized! Hurrah! Top Final Selections Artist’s Choice Prize Lu Furne Share few words passing by 1st Prizes Jean Jacques Chen for his image “Street” Jing-Shung Hsu for his shot of an ancient house in Penghu Grand Prize… Read More »

Photography Competition Results: Jing-Shung Hsu First Prize

First Prize by Jing-Shung Hsu Profile of Photographer 許景舜是道道地地的台灣人,三十年前一次攀登玉山的經驗,喜歡上攝影,拍攝生活周遭的美麗事物,近幾年來花較多時間街拍與人物攝影。Jing-shung Hsu reckons the beauty of his native Taiwan inspired his photography journey after climbing Jade Mountain in 1989. Recently, he has focused on shooting portrait photography and street photography with his Canon 5D4 and 6D. He aims to spend more time and energy capturing photos that touch viewers meaningfully.… Read More »

Photography Competition Results: Jean Jacques Chen First Prize

First Prize by Jean Jacques Chen Profile of photographer JJ Chen is a Taiwanese animated film director. He graduated in Brussels from ENSAV (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels) La Cambre, specializing in animation movies directing. He has worked in Taiwan for more than 10 years in directing animated music videos and advertisements, working in storyboard and post-production… Read More »

Fr. Yves Moal stands next to his huge photo!


安德啟智中心 (FB)


Photo Contest Insider

感謝贊助 – Thanks to Our Kind Sponsors

In recognition of Father Moal’s work, TEPC appreciates the generous support of its sponsors for this event, including Dea Villas Bali, CyberLink訊連科技, Artissimo Gallery BaliJazz Image Gallery爵士影像藝廊, Lutetia Patisserie,  Photowalkers Taiwan, Richard Saunders and Sue Babcock from the Community Center, and HD Metal Prints – 瑋思影像.

They’ve supported our art work, our venue, our lucky draw, and our events. In recent news, we’ve been inundated with last minute gifts of all sorts of wonderful goodies: Taiwan books, DVDs, board games, to name but a few. So we’d like to say a big thank you to all sponsors and donors!