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Announcing the TEPC Exhibition Photo Competition! Open Now!

Would you like to take part in our Exhibition? Grab your camera or mobile phone and join… “Our Island” Photography Competition 我們的島嶼攝影比賽 March 1st to May 11th, 2019 2019年3月1日起到5月11日為止 Please enjoy some recent submissions, we look forward to seeing yours featured here! Golden Orb Weaver by Timo VolzTimo Volz Vase RockXiao Liu Qiu Kaoshiong City Lights BackgroundLiberty Square… Read More »

Vignettes of Life at St. Andrews’ Mission #6/6

St Andrew’s Training Center for Handicapped Father Moal’s concern for the disadvantaged made him the natural choice to lead the St. Andrew Training Center for the Disabled, located in Hualien’s Fuli Township, just to the south of Yuli. The center is home to nearly 50 mentally and physically disabled persons. Moal and his team there assign residents to… Read More »

Profile: CyberLink訊連科技

CREATE, PLAY & WORK ANYTHING, ANYWHERE 訊連科技創立於 1996 年,為全球首屈一指的多媒體影音及 AI 臉部辨識技術開發商。在超過 200 項專利、穩固的技術基礎上,訊連科技持續進行革命性的多媒體創新,具前瞻性的遠見使訊連科技快速成長並創造最先進的軟體解決方案。 Founded in 1996, CyberLink Corp. is the world leader in multimedia software and AI facial recognition technology. The company developed and owns over 200 patented technologies that provide a solid foundation on which it revolutionizes the multimedia experience and consistently delivers innovative and interoperable solutions.… Read More »

Vignettes of Life at St. Andrews’ Mission #5/6

Home for Everyone Many adults have been pushed to society’s margins and subsequently overlooked as a result of alcoholism, physical or mental disability, or a criminal record. Moal has brought these people into his church as well, providing them with food and lodging, and helping them regain their dignity through work. When his efforts happened to coincide with… Read More »

Profile: Jazz Image & Gallery 爵士攝影藝廊

影像世界,爵士與您參與其中 從1967年爵士成立以來 ,公司經歷多次大環境的變革,影像取得從黑白底片到彩色負片,再從彩色負片到彩色正片,如今更直接來到數位攝影。影像的表現也從早期黑白照片進到彩色照片,如今更是百花齊放。如:彩色照片、噴墨輸出、快速印刷、3D照片、3D燈片。使用媒材更是多元,相紙之外,貼紙、玻璃、鋁板、壓克力、藝術紙、油畫布,幾乎是到了不限媒材的世界。 但不管環境如何發展,在影像世界,爵士一直都參予其中,且不斷追求品質、速度和服務,40多年來不管對一般消費大眾還是專業人士,我們都提供最高的輸出品質、最快速的交件和完善的售後服務,過去如此,未來更會加強,成為影像輸出界的百年企業。 Contact Jazz Image & Gallery

Vignettes of Life at St.Andrews’ Mission #4/6

The Recycling Center Father Moal keeps the recycling center tidy and organized. With all the recyclables arranged by category, and the floor swept and mopped prior to the conclusion of each day’s work, it looks nothing like a stereotypically messy, mosquito-ridden recycling center you might see elsewhere.

UDN Features Three Stories about Father Moal

UDN is featuring several stories about Father Moal’s work, I link them here for your reference. 馬英九曾協助募款 安德怡峰園今落成 獲得前總統馬英九、副總統陳建仁關注並協助募款… 參考大阪天空教堂 安德怡峰園聖堂保留寧靜之美 天主教花蓮安德啟智中心耗時10多…  

Profile: Artissimo Gallery Bali – 峇里島Artissimo藝廊

Artissimo Gallery Bali – Gallery des Artistes An art photo gallery. We have exclusive photos collection, we edit, print and frame your photo too. We have decorated restaurants, villas, resorts. 一間藝術攝影專門的藝廊,我們有獨家攝影集,也編輯、輸出並裝裱您的照片。我們的客戶包括了餐廳、別墅,以及度假村。 Contact Artissimo Photogal

Vignettes of Life at St.Andrews’ Mission #3/6

The Daily Recycle: Brittany Fabric Crafts Shop The secondhand store Moal also established a secondhand store to sell donated used goods. He sees the store as providing a place where people can “dig for treasure” and where those with little money can buy things they need at low cost. Moal stresses the importance of recycling during morning prayers, and… Read More »