Vignettes of Life at St.Andrews’ Mission #3/6

The Daily Recycle: Brittany Fabric Crafts Shop

The secondhand store Moal also established a secondhand store to sell donated used goods. He sees the store as providing a place where people can “dig for treasure” and where those with little money can buy things they need at low cost.

Moal stresses the importance of recycling during morning prayers, and then encourages his flock to value the work they do for the good it does both for themselves and for other disadvantaged persons. Moal has named the shop, which opened this summer, the Brittany Fabric Crafts Shop in honor of his birthplace.

There, seamstresses turn old clothes, curtain fabric, and hemp sacks into lovely bags and hats. They also accept custom orders from clients, who can give a beloved old garment new life by having it remade into a bag. Building on this spirit of getting maximum use out of goods and materials, all the shop’s displays and decorations are themselves secondhand items, with an old hotpot serving as a flowerpot and a bicycle wheel as a display rack for necklaces. The church’s old stained-glass windows have even been repurposed as part of the décor.

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