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"Our Island"
Photography Competition Now Closed


Please enjoy some recent submissions, we look forward to seeing yours featured here!

Taiwan: Our Island

Any image submitted relevant to the theme* of Taiwan: Our Island and/or the following statement:

參選的照片必須跟 “台灣,我們的島嶼” 有關,或是跟下列的TEPC宗旨有關。

At TEPC, we believe in sharing and mutual caring. We think that photography is part of a larger social interaction and that we must be engaged in our community.

台灣攝影交流協會 TEPC 的成員們以分享跟互相關懷為共同理念,認為攝影是大社會互動的一部份,必須與社會結合*。

Photographs should engage with theme and/or our philosophy in this competition. We aim to show why Taiwan has a special place in our hearts.












得獎者結果會公佈在TEPC官網: 。我們也會使用電郵,IG或臉書通知聯絡領獎事宜。






Competition Rules

You agree that, when you submit your entry, that you have agreed to all these terms.

Entry Period

Photograph submissions are invited from March 5th until May 11th @23:59 in Taipei. For the Photowalk category, submissions closes later.

Entrants eligibility

The contest is open to all who reside in Taiwan and are over 18 years of age. You must be responsible for having taken the image submitted. Entry requires no purchase. Sponsors, exhibitors and organizers of Our Island are not permitted to enter.

Photograph and Copyright

Entries deemed incomplete or incorrect will not be considered. Any and all model releases, permissions, etc. are solely the responsibility of the photographer.

Photographers agree to license the image to TEPC for display at the exhibition, in the gallery and elsewhere online for the purpose of the Exhibition and Photo Competition. Credit will be given to the photographers, of course.

You also agree that no monetary compensation will be provided for your image for any reason at any time by the organizers, TEPC or any of the sponsors.

Winners, Prizes and Dates

For winners, all results will be listed on the TEPC website: We will also send messages on email, Instagram or Facebook to arrange for your collection of prizes.

Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. Prizes are not replaceable in the event of any loss or damage. Any prizes not claimed by August 31, 2019 will be forfeited.

Contact & Notifications

Entrants also agree that communications may be made regarding the Our Island event, the photography competition, and other events taking place as part of the Our Island event.


You further agree that you will waive all rights to litigation against TEPC, the organizers, TEPC or any of the sponsors. TEPC reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions and to terminate this campaign at any time without prior notice. In case of disputes the organizers’ decision shall be final and conclusive.

Thanks to Our Kind Sponsors / 感謝贊助

感謝贊助 – Thanks to Our Kind Sponsors

In recognition of Father Moal’s work, TEPC appreciates the generous support of its sponsors for this event, including Dea Villas Bali, CyberLink訊連科技, Artissimo Gallery BaliJazz Image Gallery爵士影像藝廊, Lutetia Patisserie,  Photowalkers Taiwan, Richard Saunders and Sue Babcock from the Community Center, and HD Metal Prints – 瑋思影像.

They’ve supported our art work, our venue, our lucky draw, and our events. In recent news, we’ve been inundated with last minute gifts of all sorts of wonderful goodies: Taiwan books, DVDs, board games, to name but a few. So we’d like to say a big thank you to all sponsors and donors!

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