Lucky Draw 幸運摸彩 5/19!!!

The Lucky Draw will be on Sunday May 19th at 5:00pm

First Prize / 一獎

A luxury stay of 5 days – 4 nights at DEA RADHA Bali, for 2.
雙人五天四夜峇里島DEA RADHA別墅
Value: NT$39,000 (US$1,290 / included 15.5% tax)
價值台幣39,000元 (美金1,290元含15.5%稅金)

Offered by Dea Villas Bali - 由峇里島Dea Villas提供

“Immerse yourself in this exquisite tropical ambience…” Dea Radha is named after a childhood friend and lover of Krishna. Over a century old, this teak Gladak was once a home to Javanese royalty. The house presides over a serene water garden and is entered via a meandering path set in the still waters. The comfortable gazebo is positioned next to the freeform swimming pool in a secluded private section of the magical gardens and is interconnected with the dining room.

把自己沈浸在美妙絕倫的熱帶天堂, Dea Radha 取名來自印度教主神 Krishna 的青梅竹馬愛人. 別墅建築已經超過一個世紀,以前是峇里島貴族的住所. 別墅有水花園,有游泳池.住客在魔術般的別墅園區可以盡情享受有隱私的絕對放鬆.

No 2 - Grand Prize – Value: NT$18,000
二獎 - 價值台幣18,000元

1 Large Photo on canvas 60x110 cm – Offer by Artissimo Gallery Bali
大型畫布照片 60x110公分, 由峇里島 Artissimo畫廊提供

No 3 & 4 - Value: NT$15,000
三獎四獎 – 各價值台幣15,000元

2 Large Photo on canvas 60x80 cm & 50x80 cm - Offer by Artissimo Gallery Bali
大型畫布照片 60x80, 50x80公分, 由峇里島 Artissimo 畫廊提供

No 5 to 9 – Value: NT$3,280 each
獎項5-9 – 各價值台幣3,280元

5 copies of PowerDirector – Ultimate Video software - Offer by Cyberlink
威力導演 軟體, 由訊連科技提供

No 10 to 25 – Value: NT$2980 each
獎項10-25 – 各價值台幣2,980元

15 copies of PhotoDirector – Ultra Photo software – Offer by Cyberlink
相片大師 軟體, 由訊連科技提供

No 26 to 30 – Value: NT$1,500 each
獎項26-30 – 各價值台幣1,500元

5 framed photos, 21x30cm
裝框照片 21x30公分

No 31 & 32 - Value: NT$800 each
獎項31-32 - 各價值台幣800元

2 Photo books

No 33 & 34 – Value: NT$500 each
獎項33-34 – 各價值台幣500元

2 Travel Guides written by Richard Saunders – offered by Photowalkers Taiwan.
台灣秘境旅遊書 - 由照相沃克俱樂部提供

No 35 to 37 – Value: NT$500 each
獎項35-37 – 各價值台幣500元

3 Travel Guides written by Richard Saunders – gratefully received from Richard Saunders and the Community Cente
台北秘境與台灣島嶼旅遊書 - 由社區中心的Richard Saunders提供

No 38 to 50 more…
獎項38-50 …

Frame, Set of 36 A5 pictures, Backpack bag, and more….
畫框, 36張A5照片, 背包

Ticket only 100 NT$ per piece
Available at the venue

1 drawing for the total of 50 prizes above (or more)
一次抽完上述的50 個或更多的獎項

May 19, 5:00pm at the Jazz Gallery ( See the map )
5月19日下午5點 於爵士畫廊舉行抽獎

Results will be announced on site during drawings and may be claimed during the lucky draw.

Raffle ticket and identification are to be submitted when claiming prizes

Only original and validated tickets are accepted

For absentee winners results and contacts will be listed on the TEPC website. We will send email to listed contacts to arrange for claim of prizes.
若得獎者不在現場,得獎名單會公布在活動官網 ,同時電郵通知

Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash

Prizes are not replaceable in the event of any loss or damage

Any prizes not claimed by August 31, 2019 at the latest will be forfeited.

TEPC reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions and to terminate this campaign at any time without prior notice. In cases of disputes, the organizers’ decision shall be final and conclusive.  If the campaign is terminated, TEPC will refund the face value of each valid ticket.
TEPC保留更改或終止此項活動的權力. 若有爭執,以主辦者決定為最終決定.萬一活動中止,摸彩券的購買金額將會退款

Dear Winners,

The list of the winner will be published on May 19th and the prizes of the lucky draw will be available at Jazz Gallery from May 20th to May 23rd .
得獎名單將於5月19日公布, 獎品可以在五月20-23日期間在爵士藝廊領取

Please come to pick-up your prize.

View the Diaporamas - 查看幻燈片幻燈片

Thanks to Our Kind Sponsors / 感謝贊助 

感謝贊助 – Thanks to Our Kind Sponsors

In recognition of Father Moal’s work, TEPC appreciates the generous support of its sponsors for this event, including Dea Villas Bali, CyberLink訊連科技, Artissimo Gallery BaliJazz Image Gallery爵士影像藝廊, Lutetia Patisserie,  Photowalkers Taiwan, Richard Saunders and Sue Babcock from the Community Center, and HD Metal Prints – 瑋思影像.

They’ve supported our art work, our venue, our lucky draw, and our events. In recent news, we’ve been inundated with last minute gifts of all sorts of wonderful goodies: Taiwan books, DVDs, board games, to name but a few. So we’d like to say a big thank you to all sponsors and donors!