Lucky Draw Gift sponsored by Dustin Staats, founder of Board Gaming with Education Podcast & Website

Dustin Staats, founder of the Boardgaming with Education Podcast, generously donated this board game for Taiwan. It is called Taiwan Formosa: Be a City Developer.

Board Gaming with English Podcast started in October of 2017 with Dustin and Rich, two English teachers who love board games, movies, and video games. Soon they managed to combine their interests into their teaching when they realized the magnetic appeal of creative game play in the classroom. From that realization, came the origins of the podcast.

Now in it’s fifth season, and still going strong, I’d urge you to check out the podcast as they explore the world of gaming vis-a-vis education and game-based learning to enhance learners’ engagement. You’ll find the podcast at Not one to miss a beat, Dustin picked a suitably appropriate game to play: Taiwan Formosa – Be a Property Developer.


A short series of introductions from writers who have sponsored one of the gifts for our Lucky Draw. We would just like to show our appreciation and invite you to check out their writings.