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CCP Metal Print Studio Founder

關於瑋思影像 – CCP Metal Print Studio

我們的故事 喜愛拍照的我們,過去數年來一點一滴地將攝影與日常結合,並與新式媒材「炫采金屬印像」擦出意外的火花… 很開心持續走在攝影的路上,並以炫采金屬印像留存每一個真實而美麗的剎那!

CCP Metal Print Studio is a photography studio established by Claire Hsiang-Wei Chao in 2014. Although the company is young, we have continued to delve into various aspects of photographic art, such as photographic aesthetics, fine art printing, commercial application, and art exhibition planning, etc..

In addition to digital photography, we are also passionate about traditional/ alternative photographic processing. Our current aim is to discover the beauty in our life through photography and explore innovative way to make photography part of everyone’s life.

我們很高興為您介紹金屬印刷的這些展品(請參閱下面的選擇)。 來自南投市MetalPrintStudio的趙湘瑋詳細了解這些印刷品的優秀之處。

We are pleased to offer a selection of these exhibits printed on HD metal (see the selection below or look for the "also HD Metal" in the gallery). I'm going to let Claire Chao from MetalPrintStudio in Nantou City explain more about what makes these prints outstanding.

炫采金屬印像: 串連您閃亮美好回憶!

「炫采金屬印像」是一種新型態的優質照片,輕盈如羽毛,非常適合展示色彩豐富的影像藝術。 首先,影像先鏡像輸出到轉印紙上,然後運用熱昇華的原理將其轉印到1.14mm厚的鋁板上,一幅為之驚艷的金屬藝術作品就此誕生。

Make your memories shine with HD Metal Prints

The HD Metal Print is a premium photo product that is light as a feather and perfectly suitable for vividly colorful wall art. First, the photo is mirror printed onto transfer paper. Then the image is steamed into a 1.14mm thin aluminum sheet that has a special coating.


The special coating ensures an ultra-smooth surface with a uniquely glossy appearance. Images that are especially colorful transform into unforgettable works of art that will last for a long time. Thanks to the scratch and weather resistance, the HD Metal Prints are suitable for indoor use, even in bathroom and kitchen!

價目表: 畫布印象和金屬印象 - Price List: Canvas & Metal

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