Patrice Delmotte – Profile Interview Part 2

Residents with Fr Yves Moal

Kenneth Dickson continues yesterday’s interview with one of the founders of TEPC and this series of exhibitions, Patrice Delmotte. Patrice is a well-known local studio photographer, writer in Taipei. He has lived here for many years.

In today’s part, we cover how Taiwan Exchange Photo Club got started and how he first met Father Yves Moal.

KD: Why did you start TEPC?

PD: Why? To share a passion but I didn’t start TEPC. We did that together with a few friends, amateurs and professionals passionate about photography. Some are still active members of TEPC, like Yann, Judy, James, Caroline, Benoit, Gia.

Photographers need to show their work, not only to get an ego reward but to get also criticism and advice. Photography is, most of the time, a very solitary activity.

KD: What is the secret ingredient to TEPC?

PD: Simplicity. Free. Photography. Sharing. Learning. Open to all.

KD: What caused you to start the series of exhibition in support of charities… now it’s the fourth TIME?

PD: For me, photography is a pleasure, a passion and not a career. So all my solo exhibitions were done with a charitable purpose, naturally the TEPC followed the same model.

KD: This year’s exhibition is benefitting the work of Father Yves Moal in Yuli, Hualien. How did you meet Fr. Moal?

PD: I met Fr. Yves Moal for the first time around 1983 when I was visiting the home of the “Mission de Paris” in Hualien. The last time was last year when I visited him to tell him about our exhibition project and get his permission to be our beneficiary!

Part 3 of the interview continues tomorrow: same time, same place!

Patrice Delmotte


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