Photography Competition Results: Craig Ferguson Grand Prize

Grand Prize by Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson Heping Island shot from DJI drone: Grand Prize Winner

Profile of photographer

Craig is a professional photographer based in Taipei, Taiwan specializing in editorial, commercial and travel imagery.With a background in Environmental Science, and extensive experience in Asia photographing the wide variety of cultures, his photographs have found homes globally in National Geographic Traveller, Reader’s Digest, Lonely Planet, Monocle and Wall St Journal, to name just a few places.

Contact Details

Craig Ferguson: Commercial and Editorial Photography

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Profile: CyberLink訊連科技


訊連科技創立於 1996 年,為全球首屈一指的多媒體影音及 AI 臉部辨識技術開發商。在超過 200 項專利、穩固的技術基礎上,訊連科技持續進行革命性的多媒體創新,具前瞻性的遠見使訊連科技快速成長並創造最先進的軟體解決方案。

Founded in 1996, CyberLink Corp. is the world leader in multimedia software and AI facial recognition technology. The company developed and owns over 200 patented technologies that provide a solid foundation on which it revolutionizes the multimedia experience and consistently delivers innovative and interoperable solutions.

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